The intelligent engineering behind the safest and most flexible switchboards, for power distribution and motor control.


Moducell V2.2 represents the pinnacle of type testing performance and operator safety, with proven field performance in terms of reliability, versatility and cost savings. This is supported by our extensive list of type testing achievements where various Moducell assemblies have been subjected to over 140 tests.

Operator safety is the highest priority on a Moducell board that includes a type tested solution to rack and operate Air Circuit Breakers behind closed doors, proprietary Arc Proof Locking mechanism on modules and many more safety features, offering versatility without compromise. Moducell has proven field performance with thousands of tiers installed on site, which have solved very complex power distribution issues.

Moducell V2.2 is modelled on its predecessor, the popular and widely accepted MODUCELL 400, with many new features and options being designed into the V2.2 to enhance safety, improve quality and offer greater value for money to end users. The modular construction for electrical distribution and motor control applications, deliver new levels of versatility for demanding environments.


Extensively type tested
Built-in interlocking
Enhanced operator safety
Versatility without compromise


Reduced spares
Ongoing R&D


High Current
High Fault Level
High IP Rating
High Flexibility

Planning and design support to ensure uninterrupted power and best use of capital for the following industries.

Moducell is implemented within a broad range of industrial and resource clients